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Lee Roy Kunz found his passion for brewing in 2009, at the age of 21, in preparation for directing his debut feature film “A Beer Tale” set at Left Hand Brewery in his home state of Colorado. The film inspired him to learn everything he could about beer and brewing which eventually turned into an obsession and hobby he continued long after filming had commenced. 

Over the years, Lee Roy has honed his brewing skills and fine-tuned his recipes in his small apartment in Venice. Grateful for all the valuable knowledge and wisdom he learned from the folks at Left Hand, some of the most accomplished craft brewers in the United States. His recipes are currently still piloted in his own apartment brewery, with commercial examples available via contract brewing.

In his pursuit of creating unique and flavorful beers, Lee Roy has teamed up with his fiancé and baby mamma, private chef, Chef Jeeves. Together, they bring a unique perspective to the brewing industry, combining Lee Roy's expertise in brewing with Chef Jeeves' culinary skills to create chef-inspired beers. These beers are carefully crafted to perfectly complement the flavors of Chef Jeeves' dishes, resulting in a truly elevated dining experience. From smoky stouts to fruity wits, A Beer Tale Brewing Company's chef-inspired beers offer a taste of the unexpected and have proven a favorite among beer enthusiasts and non-beer drinkers alike.

The Brewery

A Beer Tale Beers are currently made in small test batches in a small apartment in Venice, CA.


We have a series of rotating beers on tap - Lee Roy and Ashley's workshop, where we experiment and hone in on the perfect recipe. 

All of our commercially available beers are contracted out, by law, with an award-winning brewery in Colorado to make sure our beers and intended recipes are delivered at the highest quality.

We plan to open our brick-and-mortar brew pub on the west side of Los Angeles in the spring of 2025. 

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